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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Premium investment vehicle with range of investment options

We have discretionary Portfolio Management Service of all leading AMCs, which offers professional management of your investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. It relieves you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Key Benefits

  • Strong and Active risk management
  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
  • Active and regular monthly review and portfolio rebalancing
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other
  • Additional purchase facility & Partial Withdrawal facility

 Products we have for you:- 

Marcellus Little Champs PMS

Investment Theme: Identity small-cap companies (market cap<US$500 million)with excellent corporate governance and capital allocation  track record and strong sustainable competitive advantages built around brands, business processes and strategic assets.

Inception Date: Aug 29, 2019    Bench Mark Index BSE Small Cap Index

Return since inception 7.96%  Bench Mark Index Return -10.70%

Marcellus Consistent Compounders PMS

Investment Theme: Marcellus Consistent Compounders is a concentrated portfolio of heavily moated companies that can drive healthy earnings growth over long periods of time.

 Portfolio construction involves a two stage process to build a portfolio of 10-20 stocks:

  1. Filter based approach to create an investible universe of 30- 35 stocks.
  2. In-depth bottom-up research of such companies in the universe to assess sustainable moats.

Inception Date: Dec 01, 2018       Bench Mark Index Nifty 50

Return since inception 15.52%   Bench Mark Index Return -6.70%

Motilal Oswal  Value Strategy

Investment Theme It aims to benefit from the long term compounding effect on investments done in good businesses, run by great business managers for superior wealth creation.  Each of the portfolio companies are market leaders in their respective segments, with 16+ years track record. Focused portfolio approach with 22 stocks in its portfolio

Inception Date: Mar 25, 2003      Bench Mark Index Nifty 50

Return since inception 20.38%  Bench Mark Index Return 14.23%

Motilal Oswal Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity Portfolio

Investment Theme The strategy aims to deliver superior returns by investing in stocks from sectors that can benefit from the Next Trillion Dollar GDP growth by focusing on different multi-cap stocks. Themes: CONSUMPTION | BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES | INFRASTRUCTURE & RELATED SERVICES. with 12+ years track record.Consistent out performance over benchmark is a must. The portfolio consist of 24 stocks.

Inception Date: Dec 05, 2007      Bench Mark Index Nifty 500

Return since inception 13.29%  Bench Mark Index Return 3.74%

Motilal Oswal India Opportunity Portfolio

Investment Theme The Strategy aims to generate long term capital appreciation by creating a focused portfolio of high growth stocks having the potential to grow more than the nominal GDP for next 5-7 years across and which are available at reasonable market prices. Focus Theme for Next Five year: REVIVAL IN CAPEX CYCLE | MAKE IN INDIA | THIRD TRILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITIES. The Strategy at present has a concentration in 21 stocks.

Inception Date: Feb 15, 2010       Bench Mark Index BSE Small Cap 100

Return since inception 8.46%     Bench Mark Index Return 1.59%

Motilal Oswal Business Opportunities Portfolio

Investment Theme The Portfolio will invest in a high conviction concentrated portfolio.  It will be constructed based on in-depth research leading to bottom up stock picking with a view of equities from 3-4 years perspective.  Five basic themes- AFFORDABLE HOUSING | MARKET SHARE GAIN BY NBFCS & PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS FROM PSU BANKS | RISE IN CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY | AGRICULTURE & GST BENEFICIARIES. The Strategy at present has a concentration in 19 stocks

Inception Date: Jan 16, 2018     Bench Mark Index Nifty 500

Return since inception -3.18%  Bench Mark Index Return -7.65%

Motilal Oswal  Dynamic Allocation PMS

Investment Theme It dynamically allocates between equity and fixed income instruments thus reducing the volatility. MOVI is calculated taking into account Price/Earnings, Price/Book and Dividend yield of Nifty 50 index. While Equity POWERS creation of wealth, Fixed Income aims to PROTECT from downside during market corrections and short term volatility.The asset allocation shall be reviewed twice a moth (5 th and 20th of the month) and there may be additional re balancing at the discretion of the Fund Manager.It comprises of 24 stocks in equity portfolio.

Inception Date: Dec 12, 2018     Bench Mark Index CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 Moderate Index

Return since inception -1.41%  Bench Mark Index Return 3.82%

ASK India Entrepreneur Portfolio

Investment Theme Identifies businesses with competitive advantage that are significantly sized (min. INR 100 Cr. PBT). The quality of businesses seeks over 20% compounded growth from each of them with an ROCE of over 25%. Identifying companies with a minimum 25% stake to ensure skin in the game & should be at reasonable discount to value to make money as EPS compounds. The strategy comprises of 18 stocks.

Inception Date: Jan 25, 2010       Bench Mark Index BSE 500

Return since inception 15.89%  Bench Mark Index Return 6.48%

ASK India Vision Portfolio

Investment Theme It aims to build a portfolio of businesses representing quality and superior long-term compounding potential, across market capitalizations. Businesses with ROCE over 25% and Earnings Growth above 20%.  Businesses benefiting from value migration (e.g. ownership migration: PSU banks loosing market share to private sector banks, shift from unorganized to organized, etc.) .3 main drivers for compounding wealth: Quality, Valuation & Time. Key Beneficiaries of the economic shift in India: Financial, FMCG, & Consumer Discretionary. The portfolio consist of 21 stocks.

Inception Date: Nov 20, 2019       Bench Mark Index BSE 500

Return since inception -13.17%  Bench Mark Index Return -17.73%

Invesco DAWN Strategy

Investment Theme Focus on mean reversion & value style. Catalyst for investing – Cyclical recovery, earning recovery and Under owned to Value style. D: Demand recovery across cyclical & consumer discretionary sectors || A: Attractive valuation to provide Margin of Safety || W: Winning companies on the cusp of a new demand cycle leading to operating & financial leverage efficiencies || N: New credit & investment cycle to provide a boost to earnings recovery. Focused portfolio approach and currently has 24 stocks.

Inception Date: Aug 28, 2017      Bench Mark Index BSE 500

Return since inception  -2.08%  Bench Mark Index Return -2.51%

Renaissance Mid cap Portfolio

Investment Theme Sustainable Quality Growth at Reasonable Price (SQGARP). The fund invests into mid cap companies that can become large caps in the future. It aims to identify high growth business at an early stage of their life cycle and staying invested in them over a long period of time. Focused on companies with business leadership and it is a low mortality portfolio. It comprises of 21 stocks

Inception Date: Jan 01, 2018         Bench Mark Index Nifty Free Float Midcap 100

Return since inception -31.13%   Bench Mark Index Return -36.11%

Renaissance Opportunities Portfolio

Investment Theme Sustainable Quality Growth at Reasonable Price (SQGARP). A concentrated portfolio that invests in companies across businesses which are at different states of their business life cycles capable of delivering sustainable, market-leading growth and are at a reasonable prices. The portfolio is built on best opportunity basis to achieve superior returns over medium term.It comprises of 14 stocks.

Inception Date: Jan 01, 2018        Bench Mark Index Nifty 200

Return since inception -19.70%   Bench Mark Index Return -12.54%

Alchemy High Growth PMS

Investment Theme It aims at generating long term returns by investing in equities & equity related instruments across market capitalizations, with a mid cap bias. Allows flexibility in stock selection by way of staggered investments as and when the stocks deem fit. Seeking high risk-high return portfolio.The portfolio consists of 14-25 Stocks.

Inception Date: May 08, 2002        Bench Mark Index BSE 500

Return since inception 20.21%     Bench Mark Index Return 13.58%